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Mazatlán - January 2020

Hoku Paa anchored off Isla de la Piedra

We spent a week anchored here off the beach of Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island).


It was a great spot to watch the sunsets from.


A hill on the channel entrance overlooked our anchorage to the west...

Mazatlan harbour with cruise ships

...and the main Mazatlán harbour to the north.

Jewel Moray

Lovely Jewel Moray encountered while snorkeling at nearby Isla Cardones.

Panga landing

Walking around Isla de la Piedra led us to a panga landing

Panga named Barbara

...and Barb's very own panga.

Canada Pharmacy

A pharmacy chain we hadn't heard of, with special Canadian drugs?

Woman roasting peanuts in barrel

We were impressed on sampling this family's fresh barrel-roasted peanuts (cacahuates), and so returned the next day for more.

Downtown Mazatlán

Cobblestone sidestreet

Several streets were cobblestoned.

Catedral Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción in Mazatlan square

The Catedral Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción's right-hand tower is shorter than the left spire - due to the bishop annoying the architect/builder.

Green building

Lots of interesting buildings (these walls have plates imbedded)...

Tan building

White building

Multiple statues of horse, fish and people

...many with statues and other adornments

statue of naked woman with two angels

Multiple cherubs these cherubs.

Along The Malecón

Barb hopping onto bronze motorcycle statue

Mazatlán's malecón meanders along many miles of Pacific coastline - hop aboard!

Mazatlan and Sinaloa crests on pillar in street

Stone plinth displaying the city and state crests. Mazatl is the name of the indigenous deer.

Statue of Sri Chinmoy

We came upon a statue of Sri Chinmoy (well-known in fitness circles), whose plaque educated us about his many worldwide humanitarian activities.

Pianist sculpture along Mazatlan malecon

Several local musicians and composers of note are honoured in bronze.

Sculpture of two humans striding along behind pod of leaping dolphins

One of many sculptures celebrating the sea.

White and red flowers

Lovely flowers.

Two spiky-trunk trees

Better use a ladder for climbing up to the balcony...

Man and boy feeding pigeons in square at Mazatlan

Afternoon entertainment.

Closeup of pigeon


Blue house

Tiled Domed building

Shrimp bucket restaurant Mazatlan

Sign designed by a Canadian?

Back At the Anchorage...

Barb walking beach at Isla de la Piedra Stone Island

Before leaving Mazatlán we enjoyed another walk along the beach.

Benjis sign on beach at Isla de la Piedra Stone Island Mazatlan

Benji's beach bar was reputed to have great pizza (which we always enjoy researching :-)

Benjis pizza at Isla de la Piedra Stone Island Mazatlan

The establishment looks run-down, but the camarón pizza was delectable!

Margaritas at Mazatlan

One (or two) more margaritas...

sunset at Isla de la Piedra Mazatlan

...another sunset...

Bjarne in Hoku Paa Engine room

and a check-up of Sweetums (our 40hp diesel).

Cruise ship leaving Mazatlan harbour

...then, like the Love Boat, we were off to a new destination (Isla Isabel).

The departing Princess Cruise ship played the Love Boat show theme on their ship's horn while leaving port. Nice!

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