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Part of our stay at Tabuaeran was filled with helping Carlton with his eyeglass clinics, and the ensuing thank-you festivities from the villagers. Many photos on this page were taken by Carlton.
Treating Child Tabuaeran has three medical clinics, each staffed by a nurse who lives nearby or in the clinic itself. Here Nurse Nukai examines and treats a child.
Nukais Clinic The Kiribati government provides very little support to the far-away Line Islands, so the medical staff make do with very limited supplies.
Nurses and Carlton A few wonderful folks donate their time and supplies to help the islanders. Carlton, seen with Nurses Nukai, Arote and Rena, has brought a huge load of medicines and eyeglasses to distribute.
Medicine Cabinet The three clinics now have a much better stock of medical supplies. (yes, the crooked shelf later was fixed)
Distributing Glasses Carlton brought several hundred pairs of eyeglasses donated through the Lions Club, which we distributed over four days at sessions held near different villages.
Screening First we screened each person who came to a session for their distance vision, using the 'E' eyechart. Some had excellent vision, but many were nearsighted in one or both eyes.
Prescription If Bjarne's screening showed problems with distance vision, the patient next saw Carlton who used a Refractometer to get each eye's prescription.
Fitting Glasses The patient then went to see Barb, who sorted through the hundreds of glasses to find the pair most closely matching the prescription, and that fit well.
Fitting It often took a bit of persistence and sometimes an interpreter's help to find the best pair of glasses. Barb had a toolkit with which to adjust the fit of the frames when 'out-of-the-box' didn't suit.
Arote and Carlton Rena and Carlton in the Aramari village clinic. Carlton is sporting his new lava-lava, made and embroidered by Rena.
Happy Faces We also distributed reading glasses. Rena in the background is trying on a pair.
Fitting Well, how does that fit? Tiigi-roi?
Solar Panel Another project was installing VHF radios, antennas, and solar panels to power them, at each of the clinics so the nurses could confer.
Nukai Nukai is speaking with Arote, using her handheld radio with newly-installed outside antenna. Thanks to Gordon West for making and shipping the cable and antenna so quickly!
Fitting Barb's wearing her new Kiribati-style blouse, made by Nurse's Assistant Teburenga.
Aramari The happy gang of nurses and volunteers who helped out with the eyeglass session at Aramari Clinic.
Cistern Another group of generous folks, Water For Life, stayed two weeks on Tabuaeran to build rainwater collection systems. Nukai stands in front of her new cistern that will supply clean water for the clinic.
Well Here's what some of the local wells look like (not all are this bad); the water they provide is brackish and occasioanlly contaminated.
Twisted Tree In between some of the 'work', we sightsaw. Three locals offered to guide us on an hour-long bike ride that ended at this fantastically-shaped coconut palm!
Twisted Tree We don't know what caused it to almost tie itself in a knot, but all of the adjacent trees were straight, so it wasn't the wind.
Eel Goodbye, Tabuaeran!

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