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Tabuaeran Island is becoming more populous as folks immigrate from the much more crowded Kiribati islands 2000 miles to the west.
North Shore We cycled a couple of hours out along the northern shore of Tabuaeran to some beautiful low-lying coconut groves.
Gathering Nuts Bjarne has managed to scramble up a short palm to knock loose a few coconuts for lunch. It still takes us quite a few minutes to husk them. The local record is 3 seconds!
Red Crabs Ever seen crabs this red? No, this is before cooking.
Taro Taro is a root vegetable similar to the sweet potato, and is a staple throughout Polynesia, served boiled, baked, sliced & fried, or mashed. There are several hundred varieties and this one prefers to grow in wet areas.
Bees Here's a rarity: a bee hive. The fellow is smoking away the bees so he can carve off a section of comb as a treat for the kids. [Photo by Carlton]
Bee Target One of the bees' targets.
Faces Most trucks are owned by either a gov't official, or a cooperative of some sort such as a church group. Two of the women in this picture are wearing the style of blouse popular on Tabuaeran and Kiritimati.
Frigate About a dozen frigate birds have been tamed and will approach their humans for food, as well as doing their own fishing.
Cat Dinner This cat, also seen in the previous photo, is incredibly well-behaved about not eating what it shouldn't.
Fishing We were invited out fishing on one of the tenders used on cruise-ship days to ferry passengers. A few hours spent circling the island netted several barrel-fulls of wahoo and tuna.
Computers When the modern cruiser isn't fishing, there's always a computer or three...
Bee Jay Dancing ...and dancing to entertain.
Bee Pee Dancing Barb wows the local talent scouts!
Sunset Great sunsets were frequent at Tabuaeran, but not more often than one/day.
Clown Triggerfish Fantastic markings of the Clown Triggerfish.
Green Moray Green Moray.
Manta We loved snorkeling with the Manta Rays, who were often cruising the food-rich waters of the pass. This one had a wingspan of about 2 meters.
Sunset Another day ends.
Farming Weed After three months of continuous splashing, Freya's bow was growing its own bumper crop of seaweed.
Argosnot It was at Tabuaeran that we said goodbye to One Night Stand, our faithful dinghy. We sold it to other cruisers whose own poorly-made dinghy was losing it's bottom. Here's our new work-project.
Argosnot Fixing We spent four days preparing and gluing the bottom back onto ArgosNot. Carlton generously tested the repair by jumping in, from Freya. Yikes!
Sunset OK, here's another one. No more, I promise :-)
Nei Matangare Barb had to travel back to Victoria in February, and the nearest airport was at Kiritimati. Her return trip to Tabuaeran was aboard this ship, Nei Matangare.
Nei Matangare Here's the passenger accommodations. Though Barb was only onboard for one night, those proceding to Tarawa would be living on this deck for about two weeks.
Nits Soaps and shampoos are rare; here's someone grooming another for nits and eating them.
Piggy Folks traveled with their prized belongings, including pigs.
Gecko Baby Gecko.
School Boat The high school had a boat to ferry students about - it seems that Canada helped out somehow, judging from the maple leaf on the bow.
Puppies Unfortunately, these cute puppies will look a bit more mangy and undernourished in a few weeks. Dogs here aren't pampered in the same manner as in N. America.
Weed Farm A good long-way-off view of a rain squall.

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