A Typical Day At Sea

Some amongst us have wondered, "What goes on all day on a sailboat?" Well, here's the answer, recorded about one week out from Samoa.

0534: watch sun rise
0600: take fix and plot position on chart
0650: take down genoa, hoist smaller jib and reef main, as wind is rising
0710: mix and bake muffins
0800: listen on shortwave to Rag Of The Air for news of other boats and weather
0805: eat yummy breakfast
0848: shake out reef in main as wind is now diminishing
0945: chat on VHF to schooner Astor and compare notes on position
1000-1115: snooze
1115: douse working jib and hoist genoa as wind further lightens
1135: work on sewing Kiribati flag
1200: take noon fix and plot position on chart
1230: eat lunch of Fiji Breakfast Crackers with jam and peanut butter
1310: continue work on flag
1350: pump out holding tank
1400: let out fishing line
1401-1509: read
1509-1615: get weather faxes via shortwave radio and work on web site
1700: reel in empty fishing line
1701: start fishless supper of rice and corned beef
1753: watch sun set
1800: take fix and plot position on chart
1810: eat supper
1845: wash dishes, clean up
1930: sleep
2215: wake up, change genoa to working jib
2400: take fix and plot position
0245: make popcorn, share with on-coming crew, watch stars
0310: sleep
0520: wake up and change working jib to genoa
0530: watch sun rise

Some days are busier than this with fix-it jobs, other days are more idle. Regardless, after a few days at sea one falls into a comfortable rhythm that has some structure but allows time for doing what one wants. On watch, we often read and do puzzle books. A game of Boggle occasionally breaks out. Visits by dolphins are usually cause for waking any sleeping crew!

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