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Shave n a Haircut BJ getting spiffed up during our day in the big city of Lobasa. At $3 each, many locals get weekly haircuts.
Lobasa Lobasa is the largest town on Vanua Levu, and is predominantly Indo-Fijian. Walking downtown is a bit like being in Bombay (so we hear). Grog is the common name for kava.
Tooth Fairy Many of you heard about Barb's chipped tooth. Here we are putting in a temporary patch until she gets to the dentist in Lobasa. (It's the rear molar, tongue-side, back corner)
Ginger Cookies Besides Sugar, Ginger is a key ingredient in these cookies. Spices are abundant and cheap in the Fijian markets.
Rainbow Runner R&C's South Seas Fishing Lures hard at work: this Rainbow Runner was very tasty!
Orca Here's one we didn't want on our fishing line. We were surprised one afternoon to spot two Orcas breaching and later crossing astern of Freya.
Jack and Steve We spent several fun days in Viani Bay, where Jack (on left) took us out diving and snorkelling. That's Steve from Key of D on the right.
Reef Colours Strong currents in Somosomo strait nourish beautiful soft corals of many colours.
Longfin Bannerfish We get many photos of very skinny fish, when they turn edge-on to the camera. This Longfin Bannerfish cooperated with the photographer.
Burrowing Fish This shy oddball swims away as you approach, but if it feels too threatened, it dives head-first into the sand and completely buries itself.
Turtle Diving the White Wall, we rounded a corner and were lucky to spot this beautiful turtle.
Puffer There's many varieties of puffer fish, which inflate themselves with water to twice-normal size when feeling threatened.
Moustache Triggerfish Its colour lacks some red tones, but the Moustache Triggerfish has an extraordinary mix of spots, lines, diamonds, and of course a black moustache.
Giant Moray This Giant Moray was about a metre long, but most of it was tucked under the ledge.
Boxfish There's also many kinds of boxfish, but they all have a very rectangular body.
Barb and BJ Weird air-snorting creatures.
Barb Showering Thanks to Key of D we enjoyed a refreshing fresh-water shower after diving. What luxury!
Viani Bay Beach Our shore-based fun included a hike led by Sophie to a school and village. Her stamina outlasted ours on the uphill hike over a hill to a neighboring bay.
Ucunivatu The teacher at Ucunivatu school holds an impromptu quiz, with questions like "Name another Commonwealth country." How about Canada?!
puppy OK, who let the dogs out?
Nasau Bay Our hike's destination lay at the foot of Nasau Bay, where a group was running a Christian overseas students camp.
Prawns Check out the size of the claws on these freshwater prawns! The bowl holds deep-fried casava (yumm!), which is the same plant tapioca comes from.
Taveuni We hopped a local bus on Taveuni Is. to take us to the waterfalls at Bouma, and saw lovely gardens along the way.
Bouma Creek Getting to the falls required very daring Indiana Jones creek-crossing.
Ginger Ginger (both edible and not) grows very well here; these red flowers are one type.
Papaya Yes, Virginia, papayas really do grow on trees. The locals call them pawpaws and if you don't pick the yellow ripe ones soon enough, the fruit bats'll get them.
Waterfall at Bouma Barb frolicks in the falls. The cool water felt great after our hot hike.

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