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Kenutu Bay 20 minutes of bush-whacking along goat trails took us here on Kenutu Island .
Spider We swept sticks to clear spiderwebs from Kenutu's trails.
Sunny, not. Not all our days were sunny.
Barb We spent a lot of time in the water. Luamoko Island had a day-anchorage next to a fine reef.
Bjarne Barb spied a small shark hanging out near this coral boulder but it scooted off before Bjarne saw it.
Squid At Luamoko we followed a family of 4 squid and watched them change colour, apparently communicating with pulsing stripes.
Christmas Trees The multi-coloured Christmas Tree worms live inside tubes, usually found on coral boulders. Their extended gills give them their name.
Fish We think this is a type of Wrasse, and dubbed it the Pride Fish.
Trumpetfish Trumpetfish come in a few colours and we've seen them up to a metre long. They hover motionless most of the time, but can put on big bursts of speed.
Mariners' Cave Barb pops up inside Mariners' Cave. The blue glow is light leaking in from the entrance, not a nuclear reactor.
Mariners' Cave Inside Mariners' Cave, looking out the underwater entrance.
Sardines Sardines pack tightly not only in the can.
Humpback Tail Humpback whales migrate to Tongan waters to mate and, a year later, give birth.
Humpbacks Two Humpbacks: one about to blow, and one showing its tail.
Humpback Head Humpbacks have bumpy tubercles on their heads and jaws.
Boobies Boobies viewing our masthead as a possible perch. They overlook our antenna and hit it with a th-wang!
Mermaid On 21 July we said goodbye to Tonga and its fun haunts. Off to Fiji!

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