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Photos - New Zealand, March 2005, part deux on the small photos for larger versions...

Penguin Crossing Well, this section of photos has the theme 'Signs'. Here's an NZ classic.
Falling Rocks Dad's standing on the trail to Fox Glacier. It flows down a very deep canyon, hence the warning about falling rocks.
Franz-Josef Glacier Franz-Josef Glacier is another glacier on the South Island. Because it's terminal valley is so steep, it moves up to 1 meter/day.
Falling Ice, Wave One of those Rube-Goldberg chain-reactions: ice falls, forming a big wave, which drenches you in cold water.
Mount Cook Back at lower altitudes, Mt Cook seen twice from the shores of Matheson Lake.
Matheson Lake Early in the morning, Matheson Lake is very reminiscent of a BC rain-forest lake.
Hot Tub After visiting all that ice, we enjoy a hot tub soak at Hokitika.
Wild Foods Vegetarians, don't look! Hokitika hosts this annual festival...which we missed.
Feeding Eels Rather than us eating eels, Barb's feeding them squid scraps. Some eels here are older than 100 years and were rescued long ago from a defunct eel farm.
BDay Dinner More feeding...We scrimped on buying Britta's (my sister's) birthday prezzies and instead splurged on a restaurant meal!
Dad's Ribs Dad's still playing with his food...
Wild Foods Our next meal was in the car, and this seagull kept trying to climb onto the dash and join us.
Henry the Tuatara Henry the Tuatara was a young 120 years. NZ animals live a long time, if they aren't eaten first...
Sheep Crossing A quintessential NZ moment. Baaaaaaa!
Black Swans The ducks in the background will eventually grow up into Black Swans. Honest.
Extreme Cycling NZ is renowned for its extreme sports. Here's an example.
West Coast The West Coast boasted some splendid surf-pounded beaches.
Twig Tower Tower of Twigs? Unique Danish Furniture?
Yellow-Eyed Penguin Near the South Island's south tip we spotted this Yellow-Eyed penguin. An Oystercatcher grabs the limelight in the foreground.
Web It's not the World Wide Web, but it's rather more pretty.
Sunset Folks who know us, know that this is not a sunrise...
Bluff At Bluff, NZ, we were closer to the South Pole than to the Equator. Unfortunately, the sand flies (blackflies in Canada) were well aware that tourists stop here.
Curio Bay Curio Bay, 120 million years ago, stood tall with tropical trees. Some petrified stumps are now visible on the rocky beach. No, not that one - that's Barb :-)
Petrified Wood Here's a closeup view of one of many petrified logs on the beach.
Sealion Who invited you to my beach?
Sneakers Forget Odor Eaters - better use a Weed Eater.
Alpacas Mom enjoyed spinning some prized Alpaca wool at this farm while the rest of us wandered amongst the animals.
Pot Sale I'll leave you with this last sign...don't get too excited - the store was referring to the ceramic variety. I think.

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