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Breakfast Socializing was a large part of the Whangarei experience: potluck dinners and pancake breakfasts tore us away from working all the time.
Dad steers Taking advantage of the extra crew (Bjarne's parents), we sailed Freya from Whangarei back up to the Bay of Islands during several very fine days.
Mom steers Mom's keeping us from hitting the pointy bits.
Urupukapuka Urupukapuka Island was less crowded than at New Year's, but still as pretty.
Alma maters If Britta and I hadn't gone to college, my parents would have been shirtless in this photo. Benefits of higher education...
Nelly Nissan After five great sailing days we hit the road in our '92 Nissan Bluebird. Deteriorated cooling system hoses would be a pain several times during the trip.
Haka One highlight was attending an evening Maori performance and hangi. Here they perform the haka, as part of the ritual welcome to their marae.
Hangi Kumara, potatoes, lamb, pork,and chicken were buried in this hangi (earthen pit oven) for several hours, then excavated. Delicious!
Alpacas Alpacas are native to S. America but are raised here and prized for their wool.
Alpaca and Mom Cool hairdo!
Dad panning Miners flocked to many NZ South Island rivers in the 1800's. Dad arrived a little later, but found some gold they had missed.
Hockey Driving for hours can be tiring; we found relief in an impromptu hockey game on this west coast beach. Dad's firing the tennis ball while Mom and I defend.
Hockey2 Keeping the ball out of the surf...
Pancake Rocks Pancake Rocks had beautiful layered and pillared limestone. Incoming surf would sometimes spout up through blowholes.
Warkworth Warkworth NZ had a display of old farm equipment, an excellent forest walk past an 800 year old kauri, and signposts to the other Warkworths in the world.
Golfing I doubt Tiger Woods ever golfed at this riverside campground. He also didn't contend with sheep on the fairway.
Printing press Barb looks over the printing press equipment at a historical town, and dreams of all the counterfeit money we could print.
RNZAF Here's a Royal New Zealand Air Force plane, painted in urban camouflage.

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