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Hole in the Rock Sailing south from Opua to Whangarei, we pass the Hole In The Rock. A tourist boat made the hole when surf threw it into the rock. Hmmm, no...
Compression Post Pre-fix In Whangarei we spent 4 weeks on various fix-its, including rebuilding the base of our compression post. This post sits under the mast and supports it.
Cleaned Base for C Post Rotted wood and broken fibreglass was cut out of the bilge. The blue line shows where the new base will be constructed.
New C Post Base We combined high-density foam and fibreglass to form a new base. When we later put the mast back up, the compression post took the weight without sinking. Yippee! Oh yes, a lot of flooring had been pulled up.
Boat Races All was not work in Whangarei. Here's the Friday night potluck BBQ and sailboat races. Most of the homebuilt entries failed to cross the finish line - the skippers later consoled themselves with copious brewskies.
Auckland Barb & I drove to Auckland to pick up my parents, flying in for a 5-week visit to NZ. Kiwis are keen on sailing, as can be seen by the thousands of masts at the marina in this photo.
Picture Perfect It was a picture-perfect day when my folks arrived. From -18C winter to +20C summer: ahhhhh!
Dad at Coromandel We drove a few hours from Auckland up the Coromandel peninsula, to acclimatize and do some tramping.
Drenched Hike up Castle Rock A 45-minute clamber up to the top of Castle Rock promised great views. However, 10 metres from the summit a nasty squall hit, wiping out visibility and making the descent rather slippery. Crikey!
Corrugated Sheep One small town has made its mark from the many corrugated-metal sculptures scattered around.
Corrugated Dog These sculptures contained washrooms, the tourist office, and various businesses.
Pastry Engineers Seeing this sign, I had a fantastic idea for the next product that SPE should diversify into. (I used to work at SPE. And, no, I don't miss work yet :-)
Skink A cute little skink
Boiling Mud Around Rotorua there's lots of volcanic activity. We spent the night at one holiday park that featured its own boiling mud pit.
Barb Wading Being later in the summer now, the water temperature has improved.
Mom Bj in Surf Bjarne and Mom cavort in the surf.
Gold Mine Near Thames on the Coromandel Peninsula we tramped past many abandoned gold mine shafts. Here's one that I wandered a few dozen metres into. Alas, no leftover gold.
Cave Weta Nocturnal Cave Wetas are plentiful on the cave ceilings. Creepy, but not harmful - they eat insects. The biggest Weta species can grow to 10 cm.

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