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Christmas Dinner To those who worried we wouldn't have a proper Christmas Dinner...the proof is in the pudding, as they say.  And yes, we did have pudding (danish risengrod) too.
Where's Santa? Barb wonders where Santa is, and can he fit down our hatch.
Santa A lack of snow forced Santa to use this Steamboat to deliver to his nautical customers. Thanks, Pippa, for the great Santa drawing!
Making A Tree To those concerned we wouldn't have a proper Christmas Tree...nothing a little scrap wood, cardboard,  plaster of Paris and green paint didn't solve. We hung seashells as decorations.
Pohutukawa Here's the real NZ Christmas Tree: the Pohutukawa blooms red in December and January. Barb's hiding somewhere in there.
Pohutukawa Flower Close-up, the Pohutukawa flower. We see them on many of the North Island slopes, the trees tenaciously hanging onto cliffs in some spots.
Urupukapuka Barb & I spent New Year's anchored at Urupukapuka Bay, along with a few dozen other boats, and a whole mess of tents.
Cheers! Bj counting the hours 'till 2005, whilst quaffing a cider. We later met up with campers Geoff and Diane and had a fun time yakking and watching fireworks.
Shipwrecked We sailed on to Waiiti Bay in the Cavalli Islands, and encountered a small problem with this boat. Eagle-eyed folks will notice that it is not Freya that is upside down, with the keel ripped off.
Salvage Shortly after our arrival, salvage efforts on the upside-down yatch commenced. We heard they hit a rock four days earlier while navigating in thick fog.
Spectators in bumper dinghies Any excuse for a party. The somewhat macabre procedings didn't fail to bring out the on-lookers. Some dinghies seem rather overloaded...
More Spectators While the yacht was pulled from the water, a half dozen underwater spectators showed up too.
The Knob A bit farther north, in Whangaroa harbour, we exercised by climbing 'The Knob', seen in the distance.
Top of the Knob Top o' the Knob.
View From the Knob 360 degree view from the Knob. Thanks Valerie & Dennis for taking us on the tour! Even though their boat 'Diva' is a power launch, they used to have a sailboat and seem to be good folks :-)
Up the Nose Also in Whangaroa harbour we have the hill Kairara, or "The Duke's Nose". The start of the trail was fairly steep, but the last 20 feet or so needed finger muscles as well as legs.
From the Nose Top o' the Nose. This whole area seemed like it would be a rock climber's dream: lots of near vertical bumpy surfaces.
Viagra Falls We'd been cruising for several weeks now, and needed water. This water buoy (well-named Viagra Falls) located in Pararako Bay was convenient.

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