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Bay of Islands Walking along the beach to Paihia there's a good view of the Bay of Islands, looking towards Opua.
Cape Reinga The gang's gathered on the northerliest point of NZ's North Island. Cape Reinga lighthouse is in the background, and a sign to Vancouver (11 434 km) points to where we came from.
Rugby mismatch BJ's scrumming with one of the local rugby players. He's somewhat of a brute, but luckily isn't very fleet of foot.
Slopey Beach This far south in the southern hemisphere the force of gravity is no longer perpendicular to the land.
Sandtobogganing Cape Reinga has great sand dunes, perfect for sliding down. Also a wicked aerobic workout to get to the top.
Bj tobogganing Wearing shorts & t-shirt is fine, but sand doesn't melt out of one's knickers.
90 Mile Beach Here's the northern start of 90-Mile Beach, which is actually closer to 90 km long. Vehicles drive on it and the speed limit is posted as 100 km/h.  If you slow down you can sink into the sand.
Kauri bench Kai, Robin, & Cheryl take a break on a 40 000 year-old piece of Kauri wood. Many well-preserved old logs have been recovered from swampy farm lands.
Santos Santos kindly showed me some beautiful rolling green hills, cool streams, and low-hanging tree branches.
Waterfall Near Kerikeri we tramped out to this scenic waterfall.
Windowfix All is not touristy. Here Barb enjoys resealing one of our last two leaky windows.
Gumdigger We see here a recreation of a Gumdigger's hut. Kauri gum (similar to amber) was extensively dug until ~1930s. Note the gumboots on the left; gumfields were often very swampy.

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