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pirogue Here's a modern-day pirogue, styled after the vessels the Polynesians used in settling the South Pacific.  Hard to see in the photo, but the two bowsprits have beautifully carved figures.
waterfall Vaipo is the world's 3rd tallest waterfall, at approx 200m.  We anchored in Anse Hakatea and hiked several hours up Hakaui valley to get to the base.
crossing one Barb's changing into sandals for our first water crossing of the hike.  Recent rains made the trail mucky in places and had swollen the creeks.
banana Banana tree - one of many seen on the hike.
walking on sticks This crossing needed a long stretch to grab an overhanging branch while sidling across another.  It was at this spot Bj decided to toss our sandals across instead of carrying them.  We managed to fish them out a hundred metres downstream.
church With scenery like this, a church really doesn't need any walls.
last crossing This was the last crossing before the base of the falls.  We approached close enough, sandwiched by sheer rock walls, to be sprayed by mist from the falls.
spare nuts What to do with leftover coconut shells?
five spires These spectacular pinnacles are on the north coast of Nuku Hiva, on the way past Baie D'Hatiheu.
spinner dolphins Spinner dolphins visited often.  This species often leaps several metres into the air, spinning simultaneously.
freya in anaho We had Baie D'Anaho all to ourselves (Freya is anchored in the left arm of the bay in this photo).
anaho bay Here is all of Anaho Bay, with the wide open Pacific in the background.  We took this photo while hiking over the saddle hill to Hatiheu in the neighbouring bay.
breaktime Barb taking a break during our walk.
mary Some devout and industrious folks erected a statue of the Virgin Mary at the peak of the leftmost pinnacle in this photo.  She's the small white speck.
goats Billy and relatives roaming freely near Hatiheu.
tiki overall In Hatiheu we visited a historical site with lots of stone Tiki. Some are original; others are more recently carved replicas or restorations.
tiki collage The tiki on the right is holding a staff or club in one hand and cradling a child in the other. We were told this represents a ruler holding the future of his people.
tiki Somehow the eyes and faces makes me think the Simpsons were inspired by these earlier artists.
noni Noni fruit resemble a potato in size.  You may see noni as an ingredient in health-food drinks - the juice is fermented and shipped to N. America for bottling.
north coast nuku hiva Sunset through the clouds highlights the north coast of Nuku Hiva.
freya Freya entering Taiohae Bay.  Friends from S/V Capriccio took this photo.
yacht club This yacht clubhouse seemed a little run down...
church door posts Nicely carved door posts at a church.  Not sure why Moses has horns...

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