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The following photos are arranged chronologically, newest at the top...

hawaii And there's Hawaii!  Mauna Kea rises in the background almost 13 800 ft above Hilo Bay and the windward coast  ahead.  At this point we were still 4 hours from arriving.
sunrise Sunrise on a day near the end of the trip.  Only rarely could we see the actual sunset/rise, as there were often clouds on the horizon.
on deck, squid A squid that splopped on our deck overnight.
shark A very calm day, during which we were considering hopping in for a swim.  Right about then a 2 meter long lifeguard showed up...
halfway with bj We are now officially half-way to Hawaii, so it makes no sense to turn back after this point.
halfway with barb We each received a wonderful necklace from Robin and Cheryl to commemorate the milestone.  Even better, the necklaces were candy!
porpoise Often during the first half of the trip we'd be accompanied for 10 minutes or more by playful dolphins or porpoises.  
big fry Another, larger, flying fish that landed on the wrong boat.  Bjarne gives it the sniff-test and decides it has baked too long in the sun.
small fry These small fry are flying fish.  They pop up and glide above the swells for distances up to 15 m.  Once I spotted a whole school (flock?) of about 30 flying in unison.
visiting bird We enjoyed the company of this not-too-shy bird for over an hour while it presumable rested.  
cookie monster Having good food readily available is mandatory for morale. chasing vic-maui boat Race rocks is in the background, as we chase down one of the Vic-Maui race boats that managed to sneak past us.
leaving victoria Barb bundled up on a drizzly Wednesday as we leave Victoria.
Provision Packing All this stuff and more needs to fit somewhere onto Freya.  Santa manages somehow, and so do we..
Far installs Liferaft Dad drilling holes in the foredeck to mount our liferaft.  This was one of many last-minute jobs we scurried around doing.  Thanks to the many that helped in small and big ways to get this journey underway!

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