Bula! Fun Fijian!

  • Bula Hello!
  • Moce Goodbye. Sleep.
  • Sota Tale So long, see you later.
  • Vinaka Thanks!
  • Yaqona Kava The dried and pounded root of a pepper plant. Mixed with water, drinking it numbs the lips and tongue. Often called grog here.
  • Bilo Half a coconut shell, used as a bowl.
  • Katakata Hot, hot, hot weather!
  • Cagi Laba Murderous Wind (Cyclone).
  • Vula Moon, or Month.
  • Kai Canada From Canada.
  • Kai Vula From the Moon :-)
  • Pronunciation

    There are no silent letters. Vowels are a as in father, e in bet, i in machine, o in more, and u in flute.
    c sounds like th, as in this
    g sounds like ng, as in sing
    q sounds like ng, as in angry
    b is preceded by a nasal consonant, sounds like mb

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